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Astoria is a true example of GT Leach’s ability to take the client’s vision and make it a reality. Many aspects of the exterior were defined on paper as ideas and concepts. GT Leach had the ability to complete the concepts, and then build the vision of the owner into the real world. GT Leach managed to pour each floor consisting of 12,600 square feet of concrete in a single concrete pour which kept the project on schedule. A restricted site in the upscale Galleria/Uptown district bounded by Post Oak Blvd, Garretson and a 24/7 restaurant neighbor complicated the building process. GT Leach, along with their capable subcontractor team overcame this mobility challenge while providing a safe environment for all.


All interior finishes are of a high quality which necessities a close relationship between GT Leach and the expert tradesmen selected to install the finishes. The Astoria was our first project with balcony pools located of floors 26, 27 and 28.  The balcony pools on floors 26.27 and 28 were challenging in that it was designed to cantilever a concrete box at each corner of the building that was suspended above a patio and pool below. The four story building marque is an adaption of the 1924 Esquire Theater in Los Angles, California. GT Leach along with a select group of artists and craftsmen have produced a stunning entry way into one of Houston’s premier condominiums.


29 Story Condominium Building

75 Residences - 10' Ceilings

5 Penthouse Floors - 14' Ceilings

373,502 SF



Glass & EFIS



Start: March 2014 / Est. Completion: June 2016



1409 Post Oak Blvd  |  Houston, TX 77056

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