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GT Leach has experience that entails all phases of construction from early conceptual estimates through project close-outs on all types of projects, including historic renovations, condominiums, loft residence units, hotels, major mall renovations and expansions, retail centers, parking garages, movie theaters, health clubs, distribution centers, service centers, office buildings, detention facilities and specialty facilities.


At GT Leach we make every effort to develop accurate initial budgets that remain through the completion of the project. We utilize state of the art cost effective tools to help guarantee the lowest cost while maintaining the highest quality. Our formula for accurate budgeting entails four key aspects: accurate estimating, real time scheduling, professional project management and job cost control.

GT Leach utilizes its own REAL job cost history to prefect the tedious and essential question “What Will It Cost”?  Any client of GT Leach will have a detailed cost projection. That enables the client to move forward and make intelligent changes as their vision changes.



GT Leach approaches the management of each project as a team effort. Each Project Superintendent and Project Manager are charged as a team, with the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to end. With their own particular skills contributed to the project this team effort has proved to be best way to cover all aspects of the client’s vision. Our standardized project administration procedures and software tools allow for better consistency in contract documents and better historical information on costs, meetings and other project events.


In the construction industry, time really is money.  Control the time and you control the profit. GT Leach understands that scheduling is unique to each project. We provide instantaneous monitoring of project production which increases productivity and efficiency throughout the project.


GT Leach uses the most accurate computerized systems of network scheduling in the industry. This software produces superior detail orientation, combined with fast results that keep budget cost overruns under control. Our attention to scheduling has provided more profits to the owners’ investments. We get repeat business because we manage our projects in ways that protect our clients. Detailed scheduling tells the client where they stand financially as well as keeping them informed of issues, problems and project resources.


Our gold standard accounting technology software facilitates all aspects of job cost control tracking. This tracking enables GT Leach to input all information modules seamlessly into the General Ledger for solid financial tracking and accountability to original transaction activity.

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