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Over the years GT LEACH has been privileged to work on award-winning projects with some of the most respected clients and companies in the industry.

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UH Student Housing – Randall Davis Company

AREL Development LP

Dan Nip – City View Terrace LLC

Roberto Contreras – DC Partners LLC

Randall Davis – Randall Davis Company

Ric Campo – Camden Properties

Don Sanders – Sanders Morris Harris

Edith Personette – Personette & Associates

Larry Levine – Levcor, Inc

Robert Bland – Pelican Builders


Chip Hosek – Brickfield Builders

Bryan Hargrave – Hargave Electric

George Masraff – Kilgore Industries

Bob Lyons – RSL Drywall

Gary Benson – Baker Concrete

Robert Malone – Ranger Glass

Mauri Pineda – Compass Services

Mike Postel – Postel Smith

Mike Rouse – Doors and more

Jorge Bastard – Bamex Painting

Evan Soltoff – Eggersmann Cabinets USA

Gary Willbanks – The Teal System

Phyllis Cox – Miele Appliances


Mark Shepheard – SCA Consulting Engineers

Jeffrey Brown – Powers Brown Architects

Tim Martin and George Dabney –Dabney Commercial Eng.

George Masraff – Kilgore Industries

Mike Rabena – PDC Group

Scott Greer – Brooks and Sparks

John Cryer – Page Southerland Page

I first worked with Gary Leach when he represented the company that I employed to remodel the Rice Hotel. It was a beyond challenging job to resurrect a 350,000 sq. Ft. Bldg that had been vacant for 20 years. But working closely with Gary made it all worthwhile as the end result helped revitalize downtown . 
We have continued to work together for decades. He has built ALL of my hi rise condo towers, restored historic bldgs, and captained other types of developments. I have enjoyed on time on budget results consistently over the years. Change orders are minimals, and neither of us can spell “conflict.” I give Gary the highest of recommendations as a General Contractor and even a higher one for him as a person.

RANDALL DAVIS, Founder & Owner – Randall Davis Company

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